The sources and pre-compiled binaries can be downloaded here in the download area of sourceforge.
In my diploma thesis I used version 0.8. Note that this version is still not very stable but usable (actually only EvaluationStation, MonitoringAgent seems to be stable). A fully internal restructuring of EvaluationStation is planned for version 1.0.


At the moment there is no extensive documentation available but in my diploma thesis (in german) monitor royale is descripted on about 20 pages. Furthermore the whole sourcecode is well documented but I'm sorry for the mess in advance :-)


Following is the conten of the file README.txt that comes along with Monitor Royale (v0.8). It should help you to compile Monitor Royale as well as configuring your system for binary usage.

Compiling and Installing

To compile MonitorRoyale you need to have installed following libraries. If they are not provided by the package repository you can download the sources from the specified url:
-> boost (
-> libcpputil (
-> ulxmlrpcpp (
-> qwt ( - only used for EvaluationStation
-> qt4 ( - only used for EvaluationStation
-> cmake
for compiling.

After installing these libraries, change to the "build"-folder with "cd build" and type "ccmake .." to check the configuration (press "c" in the graphical interface). The complete configuration is stored in "CMakeCache.txt". If no problems occure, you can generate the makefile by pressing "g". After that you can exit and type "make" to start compiling. The binaries are then available in build/bin.

Note that especially for qwt and ulxmlrpcpp you may need to create symlinks (e.g. qwt is installed in a directory named as qwt-5.2.1 but cmake looks onyl for qwt) - I needed to do that. If there are problems finding libraries have a look in Find*.cmake files in cmake-modules/.

Binary Hints

The binaries use shared libraries. boost, libcpputil are statically linked, so you only need following being installed:
-> ulxmlrpcpp (
-> qwt ( - only used for EvaluationStation
-> qt4 ( - only used for EvaluationStation

If you want to know agains what files/libs it is linked at where the have to be use ldd.


The changelog comes together with Monitor Royale, too (CHANGELOG.txt). You can see the changelog file content by clicking here.